Facilitating and Chairing
"She builds up an incredible level of trust with the group – with her and between group members. She’s calm and witty without being acerbic, and gives the impression that she’s enjoying it!"
Jane Glaister.

But I am enjoying it! I love generating energy, and making links between what one person and another has said. I love enabling people to open their ears and minds to new perspectives. Most of all, I love having so much access to what so many people think about the things that matter – to me and to them.

Jane and I met when I facilitated the inaugural meeting of the Yorkshire Cultural Consortium. I have since facilitated meetings for her with the local authorities in Rotherham and Bradford, and with Creative Partnerships.

"Lee’s adroit at leading people through minefields! She’s able to facilitate discussions so that they don’t get negative, and she’s tough enough not to be controlled or to let people avoid issues that may be uncomfortable."
Richard Bealing, former Head of Service, Kirklees Cultural Services.