Organisational Development and Review
"darts is a dynamic organisation and benefits from working with an individual who is equally dynamic and can match the energy of the organisation and sometimes surpasses it!"
Elaine Hirst, Co-Director, darts.

Longstanding relationships are hugely rewarding because, from a slightly distanced perspective, you join the journey that developing organisations go on.

Thats exactly what working with darts is about. It goes back to 2000, and has included review and development planning, support to senior management, design of staff appraisal systems and professional development policy, line management and mentor training.

"Working with Lee is not like working with a consultant....more like a senior level presence."
Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive of Newcastle Gateshead Initiative.

Grants for the Arts marked a radical change in the way the Arts Council England distributed its funding. With Andrew as Chief Executive of Northern Arts, I worked for two years on the development of the programme, and on the training of officers nationally to manage, deliver and evaluate G4A.

"Working with Lee can be both inspiring and challenging - I would recommend her to any individual or organisation who is at a crossroads, and who needs clear thinking in a supportive environment."
Anamaria Wills, Chief Executive, CIDA UK.