"She brings the best out in people – makes them feel important."
Jane Glaister, Director of Arts, Heritage and Leisure, City of Bradford and a Board Member of Creative and Cultural Skills.

Every one of the people I’ve worked with has added to my knowledge and understanding and enabled me to pass their experiences on to the next person.

"She’s an excellent communicator with a high level of understanding of the arts and cultural sectors from both sides of the fence – funder and funded."
Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive of Newcastle Gateshead Initiative.

What I want to do is to share my experience with individuals and groups who are building their careers and organisations: to enable them to understand and articulate what they’ve achieved and avoid apparently inevitable pitfalls and trip-wires.

"You get her full attention. Her strength is that she helps you shape the work. And though she’s easy to work with she doesn’t let people off the hook – she challenges, but positively."
Maggie Bolt, Chief Executive, Public Art South West.

Every piece of work is an opportunity to respond to a new situation - what you are first presented with is rarely the real issue. My responsibility is to challenge, unpack and help people take the risks to find the solutions.

"Lee has a remarkable capacity to see into the heart of any issue; and she both gives and demands integrity and courage in finding the solutions."
Anamaria Wills, Chief Executive, CIDA UK.
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